About us

Today, all companies want to have a communication strategy that is human-centric

It was a long time ago that companies could beat competitors on the basis of rational product facts or a corporate brand only. Today, there are more abstract elements, such as experience and feelings, that contribute to a company’s success. It's all about identity, vision, values, communication, leadership and employee experience. It is about creating the prerequisites for more business and increased profitability. It's about enjoying to work, develop and perform together.

Being human is the new black, both in terms of individuals and organizations. And, in this era of transformation and transparency, we are looking for brands that feel genuine and want to achieve something bigger than themselves, brands with values ​​we can empathize with. Trademarks built inside and out with a clear focus on the human element.

Leadership, communication and branding are the three cornerstones of our business, and everything evolves around that. Today we need clear and inspiring organizational cultures that, beyond making money, want to benefit many people or society at large. Today we need clear and visible leaders who create the best conditions for their employees to do a great job. Today we need companies who dare and want to empower their business main resource - their people. That conviction forms the basis of our corporate idea, InnerBrand!

Our WHY is about inspiring and empowering companies and people to be the best the version of themselves.

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Our way of working / Our working philosophy

We are advocates of self-help as opposed to getting dependent on consultancy. We make sure you feel inspired, empowered and equipped with a valuable toolbox after working with us.

We believe it should be easy to work with us. We focus on the task at hand with a clear picture of what you want to achieve for a fixed price.

We are prepared to follow up on our work because we believe that all skills development should lead to new results. There should be a clear added value before and after and our customers should be more than happy with our work.

Pia Lanneberg

Pia has over 20 years’ experience within communication, leadership and branding.
 She worked as CEO and co-owner of a Nordic PR bureau headquartered in Stockholm for many years.


Pia in brief

  • Over 20 years’ experience of PR and branding for well-known companies and brands
  • Has helped thousands of people to profile themselves, online and offline
  • Is an experienced trainer within communication and leadership
  • Is a frequently-retained ICF-certified coach for executives and entrepreneurs
  • Often hired as a speaker within personal branding
  • Certified within DISK personality and communication analyses
  • Used to facilitating workshops within team building, branding and values

Five quick questions

What words or expressions do you use too often?

Isn’t it?

What secret super power do you have?

I’m really good at getting through crowds

Favourite swear word?


What are you really bad at?

I have the world’s worst sense of direction – I always turn to the right

Favourite restaurant?


Kristina Bexelius

Kristina has a master degree in political science and journalism, and has experience within book and magazine publishing. She comes from a position as PR and Communications Director in a legal training company.


Kristina in brief

  • Certified within DISK personality and communication analysis
  • Long experience within PR and communications at strategic level
  • In-depth experience of working within mobile media, she has created and produced a number of different types of online programs and training courses
  • Hands-on experience of PR
  • Used to managing all types of brand-enhancing events

Five quick questions

What words or expressions do you use too often?

It sounds reasonable!

What secret super power do you have?

Brilliant memory for figures and good at knowing what the time is without having to look

Favourite swear word?


What are you really bad at?

Cooking … but on the other hand, sandwiches are also food!

Favourite restaurant?

Taverna Brillo

Johanne Spjut

Johanne has been working with leadership development in an international environment for more than 20 years, and most recently at the ESSCA School of Management in France. Johanne is passionate about diversity and has coached managers from over 40 different countries over the years.


Briefly about Johanne

  • Has 20+ years of international experience in leadership development in global companies and management schools
  • Has a passion for intercultural communication and speaks 4 languages
  • Runs highly interactive sessions using agility management techniques and internationally recognized training tools
  • Has inspired global leaders, teams and organizations to flexibly create a shared vision and a robust strategy to work across cultures
  • Is certified in Intercultural DISC, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, MBTI, Innovation Games, among others…

Five quick questions

What words or expressions do you use too often?

Why not?

What secret super power do you have?

I am a skilled Zumba dancer

Favourite swear word?


What are you really bad at?

Playing cards… I can never predict what’s coming up next!

Favourite restaurant?



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