Communicate effectively

Understanding and taking control of how you are perceived has become one of today's most important competitive advantages. Communication is the key to success. We are absolutely convinced that it is the relationship builders and those who are skilled in communication who will win the game today and tomorrow. We will show you how to communicate in such a way that those who listen are prepared to accept and take action from your message. The structures and tools we teach you can be applied in both bigger and smaller contexts.

Communication is the key.

We give training and coaching in presentation techniques in a way that guarantees bigger impact regardless of your starting point. After the course, you will feel confident in how you articulate and deliver a presentation that is both convincing and inspiring - be it a meeting or a larger conference.


Communication training

Daring to speak in front of an audience, or daring to express and stand for an opinion is something everyone should train for. It strengthens your self-esteem, your own brand and ultimately it's actually a matter of democracy.

Over the past 10 years, we have educated several thousand people in how to influence others through effective communication. Our course “Communicate with Impact” always gets top grades and leads to change - for good! Plenty of references are available.

Our Top Ranked Course - “Communicate with impact”
(1 or 2 days training, max 9 participants)

We keep a high pace and interact with the participants. We do film them in short video sequences and they get individual feedback with one of the coaches. We always start from on your own professional reality.

Sample content items:

  • Speaking in a way that gives confidence and arouses interest
  • Enhancing your message with the help of body language, eyes and voice
  • Preparation, design and red thread
  • Selling an idea
  • Handling objections, questions and clumsy situations
  • Managing nervousness
  • Power points and other devices
  • Modern research in communication
  • Amplifying a message using examples and stories

Individual speaker training

Some of us do not like to go to school, but rather prefer training individually. No problem! We tailor-make your program according to your needs. You may be a manager who needs to inspire and get your employees buy-in. Or you may have to talk about a difficult topic in a clear way that inspires trust. You may be a consultant and need to learn how you present yourself and your business in a way that generates interest and trust. Or it might be something completely different. Let us know and we’ll set up a training program that suits your needs.


Train the trainer

Are you an expert in your area but not in training? Are you often asked what to do so that others can learn? Knowledge transfer is becoming increasingly important : in most companies today, we have to share what we know. But this places high demands on the one who is supposed to teach others and who may not have any educational experience at all.

Our train Train the Trainer is the solution! In one or two days, we will teach you how to design and deliver your program content in a way that keeps the participants alert and willing to learn more. You will learn to manage various situations such as reading expectations, involving participants, using time effectively and adjusting to participants learning styles. You will learn to expose facts in an interesting way, which gives lasting knowledge, skills and insights that have practical use.