Executive coaching

Being a boss means that there are many, high and sometimes conflicting demands on you. Pressure both from above and below. Today’s leaders are expected to be able to motivate their employees to great action but also master rapid change processes, have high delivery rates and be available on top of that. Preferably in an international environment too! Do you recognize yourself? Then you are not alone.

We are certified business coaches and can be your sounding board around leadership issues, for example organization culture, communication and brand issues. We support you in developing your leadership!


Executive coaching

We help you grow in your leadership role through individual focused conversations on leadership, communication and professional issues.

We coach you to the extent you want, but, most often, there is a layout of five to ten sessions. You have free access to your Coach by phone or email throughout the period and we give you exercises or actions to implement in between the sessions.


Intercultural coaching

Our international leadership star Johanne is passionate about coaching managers working globally.

Perhaps you have just come to Sweden on an international assignment and need to get a better understanding of how to lead here, or you may have a team that is spread all over the world and need to engage everyone towards a common goal. Today's global labor market offers lots of possibilities - but it's all about understanding how to navigate this complex environment."

Johannes's goal is to provide insight of how intercultural issues at large are manifested in the workplace and what you can do to leverage them. She also helps you take advantage of cultural differences and maximize the potential of multicultural teams.

Johanne speaks fluent Swedish, English, French and Italian.

People join companies, but they leave bosses