Find your why

Without an idea of ​​why you exist and how you can benefit many people you lose the best competitive advantage that you can get. An attractive family culture with one clear guiding star that attracts the right people for the right reason.

Many studies, books and articles have been written on the topic - we know for sure that the most successful companies today think about more than making money. They look beyond that and focus on making the world a better place. They have a clear purpose and business philosophy that works as the backbone of the business and the base for their community. The company philosophy is the answer to why you exist, what you stand for and how you work.

A clear purpose builds satisfaction and pride. It attracts people who believe in what you think and want to contribute. Engaged and loyal employees who get things done, generate new ideas, find new ways of working and spread amazing stories about the company they work for. We help you find and formulate your business philosophy.


Find your why

A clear purpose, values ​​and key topics are the heart of the brand and the foundation for all communication. We help you identify the company's purpose and key issues, formulate one business philosophy and find the stories that strengthen your brand.

During inspirational workshops you will be able to work with issues such as: What do you want to be well-known and appreciated for? How do you want to be perceived? Why are you doing what you do? In what way do you differ for many people? We then compile that work in a document.



For us people, it is both more fun and easier when we work in organizations whose value base we share. Values are not just good words on a website, to build a strong one culture, you must have clearly formulated values ​​that indicate the behaviors and attitudes required to succeed. And they will be lived with by everyone, every day, year out and year in. Values ​​+ behaviors = culture. The culture = the brand!

We conduct workshops and seminars to find and define the meaning of your values and how these will show up in attitudes and behaviors. We also work with actual events from your business reality to practice how to act from a value perspective.

Perhaps you do not have to re-invent the wheel? Then it may be sensible to start with conducting interviews with employees to identify what positive value base you already have today and that you want to keep on strengthening.


Culture change

Sometimes one can be heading out the wrong way: common warning signs are unengaged, unhappy colleagues, and, in the worst first case, employee burn out. High staff turnover and bad reputation are something that can take years to repair. Today when culture is the brand, you cannot afford to stop your head in the sand and hope it will go over. Instead you can show that you take this seriously and act on it right away.

We can help you find out what has gone wrong through deep interviews with your coworkers. We will help you come up with a plan of action and be a sounding board for managers and the executive team.