Human Up Leadership

New Age leadership is human and inclusive. Why a Human UP Leadership? Well, because everyone deserves to feel good at work and have the best conditions for performance. Everyone deserves to feel meaning and belonging and that their contribution is important. Everyone deserves to come home content and happy after a business day.

In order to achieve this, we need a human and inclusive leadership. We need inspiring leaders who show the way and set the context - leaders who put people's well-being in the forefront. Inclusion is the key to modern leadership in today's global arena - it means leveraging people's differences in a conscious and strategic way. You, as a manager, play a decisive role for how inclusive the workplace culture is. Communication is the other success factor because the leader’s ability to inspire and motivate people is key to the transformation journey most companies are facing today.

We can be your sounding board and design leadership programs and communication training that will strengthen your executive branding.


Human up leadership - leadership program

Studies show that 89% of all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies realize that Leadership, Culture and Commitment are the most important priorities in a global business world.

Diversity can be the greatest asset in an organization, but it can also be a burden - depending on how well the cultural intelligence is developed in the organization. Cultural intelligence is about being able to communicate, collaborate and negotiate with people with different values ​​and background. But it's just as much about self-awareness and understanding how your own culture influences your world view. It’s essential to realize how your cultural biases and stereotypes affect your expectations.

We design leadership development programs aimed at creating diverse and including organizations. Our programs are tailor-made and support our customers’ overall strategy and business plan.


Lecture - Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic, it is high on the agenda for most companies. Are you curious to learn more about the topic and to start working in a more inclusive way in your organization?

Our experienced Leadership Consultant Johanne Spjut gives lectures on the subject and shares her experience of working with diversity, inclusion and belonging in both large and small organizations.