Communication, leadership and personal branding

We provide consulting and training services for:

  • leaders and experts who want to be sought-after profiles within their company or their area at large;
  • individuals, teams and companies looking to strengthen their brands through focused efforts in leadership, communication and executive branding.
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Executive Branding

Leaders with a strong brand act as magnets. We usually call it the “Kamprad Effect” (cf IKEA). Everyone wants to work with them and for them. They give the company a human touch that is attractive beyond rational product facts.

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Executive coaching

Being a manager today is not easy and it can feel lonely at the top, we know it from experience. We are certified business coaches and can be your executive coach and personal sounding board.

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Find your why

WHY-driven organizations attract the best brains, are innovative and are made of committed employees. We have the tools and methods that help you create one attractive organizational culture.

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Communicate with impact

No matter what you work with today, there are always people you need to convince, motivate and inspire. Our best selling course teaches you how!

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Human Up Leadership

Innovation requires diversity, but how do you manage a melting pot of people with different backgrounds and personalities? Our leadership programs are based on the latest research and will take you from "good to great!"

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Pia - you’re a star! You captivated the entire group, kept a consistent theme, answered everyone’s questions and generously shared lots of great and usable tips. Thanks! Full marks from us.

Jenny Lager, Sveriges Annonsörer

We have translated “personal branding” to the process of establishing a new department within the company. What do you want to be known for? How can we advance internally and become a popular expert? What should each employee say about the department when meeting colleagues who want to know what we do? PBA Academy and Pia kick-started us with a workshop that gave us a common picture and mapped out the content of the department’s brand. We also achieved a great level of communication with no clichés, just straightforward and clear.

Margareta Almbring, Department Manager, Svenska Spel

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Can you list your five most distinctive and relevant qualities and abilities?

Can you mention your three main strengths?

Have you already formulated your short and long term goals?

Do you know how others perceive you?

Do you know what makes you stand out from your colleagues and/or competitors?

Have you drawn up an action plan for a year to ensure that you work towards your goals?

Do you know what weaknesses could prevent you from moving forwards?

Do you know your most important driving forces and values?

Do you have a good way of making a short presentation of yourself (elevator pitch)?

Have you got a sharp profile on LinkedIn?

Have you got a good professional network with whom you communicate regularly?

Do you regularly help others in your network in some way or other?

Are you a member of at least one professional industry organization?"

Do you take an active part in any professional or non-profit organizations (board member, charitable work etc.)?

Do you regularly ask for feedback from others?