Personal Branding

A boss with a strong brand can make the whole difference.

Leaders who stand for well-defined values, and who can clearly communicate purpose and goals while inspiring others, are an important success factor for all companies - especially today when labor market uncertainty is high. Most of us long for clear role models.

Because managers and leaders personalize the company, they function like a bridge between their company's brand and their customers. A manager with a well-known, defined and authentic brand that is consistent with what the company is about, gives confidence and appeals to our feelings.

A strong executive brand will lead to:

  • Making it easier to recruit and retain talents.
  • More business and beneficial partnerships.
  • Increased message span and greater influence.
  • Positive media attention.
  • Greater company pride and loyalty.

Executive branding – your chefs trade mark

Rapid changes and an uncertain world require clear and visible leaders. As a manager, you certainly want to leave a print, become a well-known and appreciated profile in your company or within your industry. You simply want a strong brand!

Managers and leaders who come for various reasons, for example:

  • They want to strengthen their executive brand to attract talent, customers and / or capital
  • They have been told that they need to increase their influence in the management team
  • They want to use their leadership position to convey an important message, influence, sell opinions
  • They want to profile themselves to get interesting board assignments

Whether you're in charge of several hundred people or just a few, it's important to consider what your managerial brand stands for as it affects both your career and the company you represent. But it can be difficult to know what to focus on and where to start. We can help you!

Together we will work on

  • What you want to be known and appreciated for. What impact you want to have.
  • Your leadership philosophy and your dearest topics
  • Your identity and personality
  • Your online profile and online strategy
  • Your brand stories
  • Communicating in a way that gives confidence and arouses interest
  • Your PR plan


We always tailor-make our solutions based on your needs and aspirations. They often take the form of an individual coaching or leadership development program.

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Personal branding - you will be a leader in your area

A thought leader, or opinion leader, is a person whom others would like to refer to and listen to. They display their own and the company's unique gifts, while raising pride and commitment internally.

Most people who hire us are consultants who want to become leaders in their field. The gains of one strong personal brand is that it generates more business, increases message coverage, attracts talents and strengthens the corporate brand. We identify and highlight one or more key people in your company and help them become thought leaders!

Together we work on

  • What do you want to be known and appreciated for? What impression/ impact do you want to make?
  • Your philosophy and the things / the ideas that are important to you
  • Your identity and personality
  • Your online profile and strategy
  • Your brand stories/outlines
  • How to communicate in a manner that exudes confidence and arouses interest
  • Your PR plan


We work with blended learning solutions of online and offline training courses, workshops and coaching.

Who is it for?

Consultants, executives, entrepreneurs, selected talents or high potentials in businesses and organisations.

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Your career is your business

The right competence for the right job at the right time! These are the challenges faced by most businesses at this time, when matching replaces long-term thinking.
 Self-instinct, self-leadership and social skills are essential to be able to survive in business life. But relax! We are here to help you!

We train your people to identify and highlight what makes them special and how they can communicate this in a clear and understandable way. We give them the tools they need to step forwards and make a impact.

Together we work on

  • What is your brand all about? (Who are you, what are you good at and how can you create value? What do you stand for? Where are you going?)
  • To see yourself the way others see you
  • LinkedIn as a brand platform
  • To build confidence and create sustainable relationships
  • What can you do to strengthen your brand internally?


A training program that is a hybrid of two seminars with digital modules in between. Designed to ensure that new knowledge can be successfully applied.

Who is it for?

Talents (as part of a talent management program), new employees ... or why not letting all your employees take part?

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A clear strategy is the basis for all communication - just doing a lot of effort without one thoughtful strategy and solid knowledge is like shooting wildly around the hail box without a scoreboard.

This is for you, all small business owners, entrepreneurs and growth companies, who do not yet have one communication department - but wants to work actively to strengthen your brand. Maybe you find it too expensive to hire a PR agency but need help with your communication.

We help you quickly get on track with our popular starter package for small business owners.

1. The starter pack – ”Be Clear”

Everything starts here. During two half-day workshops and a follow-up meeting we “set up your brand”. We will help you identify:

  • Purpose, vision and strategic goals
  • Values, philosophy and dearest topics
  • Personality, branding
  • Interested parties and competitors
  • Swot analysis
  • Overall strategy

You get:

A brand platform that forms the very foundation of all communication, both internally and externally. At the follow-up meeting in about an hour, we are adjusting and discussing how the work is being done should be taken forward.

2. Communication Pack – Be ”Visible”

The next step is to help you become more visible. Through interactive workshops we draw up an action plan together. We will help you identify:

  • Message
  • Target audience
  • Relevant channels
  • Tonality
  • Activities

You get:

A communication strategy and a concrete action plan for your communication efforts, both online and offline.

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