Team branding

You may have been losing energy lately. You are having difficulty to be seen and heard. You don’t think others seem to appreciate what you do. Perhaps acting as a team is not running smoothly - as everyone should behave as a key player and work towards the same goals. Then team branding can be something for you!

Team branding is the sum of how others perceive your team. Whether you've been thinking about it or not, your team does have a brand, just like most companies and people. People think and have opinions about you as a team and this, in turn, affects your impact, your status and your results. Everything you do and everything you say can strengthen or weaken your position. Every day you interact with managers and colleagues and you therefore establish your position - consciously or unconsciously. You can decide how you want to be perceived. As a good-to-have feature or as an essential part of the deal?


Team Branding — How you market your team internally

Teams with a strong brand get attention and recognition from both customers and colleagues. Your team does certainly contribute a lot to the business already today, but if you do not communicate in a good way, colleagues and management will never find out. Keep in mind that the team's reputation is crucial for performance as well as for job satisfaction and the ability to impact your business!

In a team with a strong brand, all members know what they are good at and how they are contributing to the business. They can all clearly formulate what the team does and delivers and why this is crucial for the organization. They are engaged and feel proud of their work and they become therefore brilliant ambassadors for the whole company.

Our programs can have different forms depending on the company and their needs. We conduct workshops and coaching programs. We would typically blend live training with digital learning between each meeting.

Together we work on

  • Finding your success stories
  • Identifying your learning
  • Identifying group strengths and driving force, and putting into words how you can employ them to the benefit of the company
  • Tools for great storytelling
  • To communicate in a way that exudes confidence and arouses interest


We work with a combination of workshops, coaching and web-based training in between.

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Understand yourself to understand others

Self-awareness is crucial for successful relationships with others in the workplace. Knowing about your own and others' personality preferences, driving forces and behavioral styles will help you communicate more effectively, improve collaboration and create well-functioning teams. This knowledge can also help you be more successful in terms of sales performance and customer satisfaction.

We use various internationally recognized psychometric tools for personal and professional development (MBTI, DISC, FIRO-B, LEA, EQ, CQ, etc.)

These assessment tools offer a holistic and clear roadmap for growth and increased success in leadership communication. We conduct individual, team and 360 assessments.

Our workshops are facilitated by certified trainers and we work with:

  • The team’s communication style and behavioral patterns, i.e. the various drivers and needs people do have and how their strengths and cognitive biases can interact.
  • The team members’ individual leadership effectiveness and social intelligence (both emotional and cultural)
  • Concrete techniques to help you communicate better with each other, conduct successful negotiations and avoid misunderstandings.
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We can help you build a strong and well-functioning super-team in several steps:


Inspirational lectures


Workshops & courses


Team coaching